I am one of thousands of people around the world specialized in computing. The challenging question is if we really understand what this science is all about! This is the question I propose to my colleagues who are too busy coding or 'manufacturing' publications. Although this science is not likely to tell us much about the realities of this universe, it has much to tell us about how the new generations think and behave.

I am currently a doctorate student in the area of cyber security and digital forensics at the Digital Forensics and Cyber Security Center at the Department of Computer Science and Statistics at The University of Rhode Island

I am also an instructor for the courses CSC320: Social Issues in Computing (offered very fall) and CSC110: Survey of Computer Science, offered every Spring.

My research interests are found in the areas s of computer security and digital forensics. My current research focus is developing a framework for the performance analysis of computer security incident response plans (CSIRP). In other words, how do we know that a specific CSIRP is expected to be executed efficiently? And, who do we measure the performance of a CSIR Team? The question seems simple, but it is a complicated question with too many variables which explains why the computer security community did not seriously address it so far.

My previous research focus was studying the relationship between technology and human trafficking. Specifically, my interest was in developing open source tools that could contribute to combating human trafficking. My other research interests include: cryptography, network security protocols, copyright protection and cyber laws. All my current research is affiliated with the Digital Forensics and Cyber Security Center at URI. More details are available on my Research page.


University of Rhode Island Office
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Department of Computer Science and Statistics
College of Arts and Sciences
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Email: qutaiba@my.uri.edu
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Qutaiba Albluwi
Department of Computer Science and Statistics
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